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Wearing Brace Hurt?

2018-07-02T23:04:44+00:00By |Tags: |

Does Wearing A Dental Brace Hurt? Some of our patients put off having their smile perfected because they worry that having a brace might be painful – but there’s really no need to worry. Before you go ahead with your smile treatment, you’ll have an extended consultation at Beach Smile with Our dentist in [...]

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2017-09-04T06:50:49+00:00By |Tags: |

Perfect teeth for that special occasion   Many of our patients come to us to enhance and brighten their natural smile and increase their confidence; whether it’s for a wedding day, a big birthday, a job interview or just because they want to look their very best for that selfie moment! You can look [...]

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Your two-minute guide to sensitive teeth

2018-04-26T16:52:35+00:00By |Tags: |

We all feel a hot or cold sensation in our mouths when eating an ice cream or hot soup, but for people who suffer with teeth sensitivity, the pain can be uncomfortable enough to put them off eating ice cream for life Recent news reports reveal that tooth sensitivity is on the rise, and [...]

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2018-04-26T16:53:11+00:00By |Tags: |

How To Reverse Tooth Decay And Avoid Cavities. No-one likes it, but we’re all used to it. Tooth decay and cavities can be avoided, yet most of us have experienced many painful trips to the dentist. Root fillings, tooth crowns, composite veneers – they’re no fun for anyone! If you want to keep your [...]

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Tooth Abscesses

2018-04-26T16:53:40+00:00By |Tags: |

Tooth Abscesses – The Basics   A bacterial infection causes a tooth abscess. They can occur anywhere in the mouth, and can be recognized by the pocket of pus that forms as a result of the infection. There are two basic types of tooth abscesses. The first is called a periapical, which occurs at [...]

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How To Stop Tooth Decay

2018-04-26T16:55:56+00:00By |

How To Stop Tooth Decay Tooth Decay & the subsequent hole that develops is actually a symptom of a disease process called caries. You can only have caries when certain acid-loving bacteria are established in large concentrations in the mouth (to date 60+ bacteria have been recognized to contribute to caries, tooth decay & [...]

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Dentist in Redondo Beach While our dentist in Redondo Beach recommend that patients visit their office at least twice a year for routine exams and cleanings, unfortunately, quite a few patients don’t actually return until the next year or return at all. In fact, many may wait until they experience a significant dental problem [...]

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What Is The Difference Between A Filling And A Crown

2017-09-04T06:40:07+00:00By |

If you have a sore tooth and are looking to get it fixed you might wonder what the difference is between a filling and a crown? Dentists can fill a tooth, or crown a tooth, they can create a filling and mould a crown but they are two very different processes even though they [...]

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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry

2018-01-12T01:00:27+00:00By |Tags: |

Beach Smile Dental 1426 Aviation Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278    (310) 376-4537 Cosmetic Dentist In Redondo Beach – What Is Cosmetic dentistry Our Dentist in Redondo Beach at Beach Smile Dental  have collectively almost 18 years experience in cosmetic Dentistry creating great looking teeth across Los Angles using cosmetic dentistry. If you are [...]

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Children and Kids Cavities and Learn To How To Protect Your Toddlers Teeth

2017-09-04T06:41:36+00:00By |Tags: |

    Tooth decay and cavities affect not only adults but also our children – and from a very early age. So to keep your kids smile happy and healthy, make sure you keep their teeth properly cleaned and flossed and include regular dental visits to reduce the likelihood of later treatments and unexpected [...]

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