emergency Dentist redondo beach Things to do if a whole tooth is knocked out in Emergency case

Our Emergency dentist in Redondo Beach serving the good people of the south bay with all their dental requirements One of the main functions of any dental practice is the treatment of dental emergencies ,

1) If someone feels confident, the best thing to do is pick the tooth up by the crown (never hold the tooth by the root) & push it back into the socket if it is clean
2) Then get to a dentist ASAP
3) If the root of the tooth is not clean, whilst holding the tooth by the crown, run the root under a jet of water ie tap water or squirt water from a drink bottle, until all the debris has been removed, then push it back into the socket
4) If you can’t get to a dentist quickly you can make a splint by wrapping tin foil over the damaged tooth and its neighbors to help hold it in place & then get to a dentist
5) If you can get to a dentist & don’t feel confident about putting the tooth back into the socket, the tooth needs to be carried correctly to the dentist. the patient is able to/old enough to understand what’s going on, the best place to keep the tooth is in the patients mouth under the tongue
6) If this is not possible then put the tooth in milk If this is not possible then put the tooth in water

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