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01:29 13 May 17
Excellent personalized care. Very professional delivering the greatest results. Happy satisfied customer for 10 years. Dr. Ursula Parducho is the best dentist in the South Bay. I highly recommend her for all your dental needs. Michel Lapointe, CPAread more
Claudia Laura
02:00 08 May 17
I love this office!! From when you step into office there's a friendly smile. Dr.s hands are gentle on your teeth. VERY professional staff!!read more
Danial Golforoush
04:48 18 Apr 17
I have been going to beach smile dental for almost 3 years. I have a very good experience With Dr. parducho she is very knowledgeable and they using cutting edge technology equipment to diagnose. I refered my family members to beach smile dental in Redondo beach. They all having very positive experience. If you are looking for a honest and Knowledgeable dentist beach smile dental is the place to go you won't be disappointedread more
Shahram Ray
19:18 28 Mar 17
This dental practice offers the most pleasant experience with the state of art technology I highly recommend them. From the pleasent wecolme you receive at front desk followed by the most gentle dental work I have ever received. They really know how to care for their patients. Dr. Parducho is an incredible talented dentist who completed three filling without me feeling any pain. What I really appreciate is that she took the time to show me what was happening. Highlighting the problem area and explained the procedure. She also educated me on the best way to care for my teethread more
Brandon Chavez
03:35 03 Feb 17
Best dentist... Really friendly, modern office, pleasant atmosphere, excellent staff. Dr Parducho diagnosed my grinding on the first visit!! I was with my previous dentist for years and he never told me about it. After Dr parducho had me fitted for a bite guard and since then I noticed how well rested I feel waking up with less tension. I found a great dentist that truly cares about her patients and has a great sense of more
Storian Feather
23:40 12 Jan 17
She is the best dentist in town she does such a great job! The office is very clean which is a must when going to a dentist! The staff are very kind and sweet! As I said best dentist I've been to by far!read more
Johñ Serna
05:37 12 Jan 17
Dr. Parducho is the best dentist I have ever seen! She and her staff are very professional. The office is a very nice environment. The doctor puts me at ease. She explains what she is doing. Her manner has a soothing effect and makes me relax. The doctor's assistants are very attentive. The doctor and her assistants help put me at ease, which reduces my nervousness. I will definitely see Dr. Parducho for all my future dental more
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Tooth Abscesses

2017-07-07T05:17:30+00:00 By |

Tooth Abscesses – The Basics   A bacterial infection causes a tooth abscess. They can occur anywhere in the mouth, and can be recognized by the pocket of pus that forms as a result of the infection. There are two basic types of tooth abscesses. The first is called a periapical, which occurs at [...]

How To Stop Tooth Decay

2017-07-07T05:12:50+00:00 By |

How To Stop Tooth Decay Tooth Decay & the subsequent hole that develops is actually a symptom of a disease process called caries. You can only have caries when certain acid-loving bacteria are established in large concentrations in the mouth (to date 60+ bacteria have been recognized to contribute to caries, tooth decay & [...]


2017-07-07T05:29:36+00:00 By |

Dentist in Redondo Beach While our dentist in Redondo Beach recommend that patients visit their office at least twice a year for routine exams and cleanings, unfortunately, quite a few patients don’t actually return until the next year or return at all. In fact, many may wait until they experience a significant dental problem [...]

What Is The Difference Between A Filling And A Crown

2017-07-07T05:22:49+00:00 By |

If you have a sore tooth and are looking to get it fixed you might wonder what the difference is between a filling and a crown? Dentists can fill a tooth, or crown a tooth, they can create a filling and mould a crown but they are two very different processes even though they [...]

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry

2017-06-21T23:05:58+00:00 By |Tags: |

Beach Smile Dental 1426 Aviation Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278    (310) 376-4537 Cosmetic Dentist In Redondo Beach – What Is Cosmetic dentistry Our Dentist in Redondo Beach at Beach Smile Dental  have collectively almost 18 years experience in cosmetic Dentistry creating great looking teeth across Los Angles using cosmetic dentistry. If you are [...]

Emergency Dental Care

2017-07-07T05:18:33+00:00 By |Tags: |

  Things to do if a whole tooth is knocked out in Emergency case Our Emergency dentist in Redondo Beach serving the good people of the south bay with all their dental requirements One of the main functions of any dental practice is the treatment of dental emergencies , 1) If someone feels confident, the [...]

kids dentist near me

2017-06-30T21:37:17+00:00 By |Tags: |

Request Appointment   Beach Smile Dental is a Kids dentist near you......... Parents often ask “when should I bring my child to the kids dentist”. My answer to this is “as early as  possible”. I believe it is very important for children to see health professionals in happy non-threatening situations. Let’s talk about an [...]